1.Watch our Funky D.I.Y Video.


2.Measure fridge panels you want to brand in mm - front only or front and sides

   ( Total height and width  - remember the size you confirm is the size your Funky Print is made to.)

3. Under Funky Designs choose the code of the image required.

   ( Any special design requests please email :

4.Go to request a quote and fill in all the funky details and submit please include postal address.

5. Your quote will be emailed to you.

6. Make payment Via Electronic Transfer.

7. Once payment has been received your layout will be emailed for

    approval together with your invoice.


8. Sign the approval form, scan and email to : asap.

7. Once received your order will be processed and posted within 10 - 14 working days.

8. On receiving parcel watch Funky D.I.Y Video and apply.